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Knight's Ferry, Sonora and Tuolumne

I returned from my best friend's grandma's house in Tuolumne on Sunday afternoon and was enjoying my extended time away from the computer, so I didn't post about what I learned at that time and still haven't gotten around to it. I've been mulling the experience over in my head and will eventually write about my time there and what I learned. For now, with so much going on at school and One Act rehearsals beginning tomorrow, I'm just going to share bits of it and let my pictures tell some stories, too...

Here are some photos from Thursday, April 8. We bought Strawberry-Rhubarb pie at a stand along Highway 120, visited Knight's Ferry (in which we walked to the Stanislaus River edge and explored the nature and history museum), and had lunch in Sonora before going to Alexys's grandmother's house. My mom and sister drove us up there.

One thing I learned while I was staying in Tuolumne is that in the Me-Wuk tribe, there are different clans, like the Turtle and Bear clans. There are many more than those two, but on Thursday, I only knew there were those two at least. On Sunday, I learned the other clan names and will share those with you when I post about Sunday some other time.

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