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Seedling Update

Watching seeds sprout into seedlings and grow into plants never ceases to amaze me. The joy and wonder of new life! The first little brassica seedlings emerged on February 12, and I posted about it on Instagram here . And then two days later, the scallions began germinating, so now I've got broccoli, kale, and scallion babies photosynthesizing by the window. Some of the brassicas (broccoli and kale) seem to be getting a bit leggy, making me wish I had an outdoor greenhouse. The seedlings get a lot of sun in this window, but they still seem to be reaching a bit. Scallions on the left, kale on the right. With our strong wind gusts here in Reno, we'd need a sturdy greenhouse that wouldn't blow away. We're dreaming up designs for next season and thinking about where a greenhouse might fit in our little backyard. One idea is to place it where our hot tub currently sits. This hot tub came with our house and we've never used it. It drained while we were away--a pipe probab

Sowing seeds is an act of hope & intention

Sowing seeds is an act of hope & intention. In these uncertain times, planting seeds invites joy, wonder, & anticipation. There's still uncertainty, but with care & attention, we can cultivate new life. And if we're lucky, we get homegrown tomatoes! Yesterday, the 2021 growing season officially began here! I sowed my 1st round of seeds to start indoors by our sunny sliding glass door. I also finished most of my crop plan for 2021. Our growing season in Reno is short & hot. According to UNR Cooperative Extension , Reno has 90-120 frost-free days. The average last frost day is May 15, & the average 1st frost day is September 15--although this doesn't account for our specific microclimate. Since it's only our 2nd year in this house, I am just starting to collect data about our seasonal growing patterns so I can plan better in years to come. I enjoy crop planning--it combines my love for planning & organizing with my passion for growing food. For tho

Self Care

Self care is essential. It makes life more enjoyable; equips us to face life's challenges; provides an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves; and it allows us to bring our best selves to our many roles--as parents, partners, friends, children, colleagues, etc. The concept of "self care" can seem like something you have to find extra time for or prepare for in some special way. While it can look like that sometimes, it can also be so much more simple and woven into your everyday life through things you already do. And it's powerful. Prioritizing yourself and your needs (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) allows you to be more present and grateful and joyful, both for your own personal experience of your life and in how you show up for the work you do in the world.  As parents, the work of raising children is to not only keep our little ones safe and happy but to also teach them ways to be and relate in the world--which includes modeling for them how to

The Tale of 2 Peter Rabbit Bedrooms

"'Now my dears,' said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, 'you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden...'" - The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, first published in 1902. When I was growing up, I had drawings from Beatrix Potter scenes hanging in my bedroom. I also had a giant illustrated book of Beatrix Potter stories. And in my dad's potting shed there hung a framed sketch from The Tale of Peter Rabbit . My dad drew all of the drawings--and  he built the potting shed himself . In February 2018, I posted about one of the drawings on Instagram , writing "One day I hope to have children and hang it framed on their wall." This hope has come true, and that drawing and the one from the potting shed have adorned my son's nursery walls since before he was born. As you can see if you scroll through the photos below, Liam's entire nursery theme emerged from those 2 drawings, made more than 20 yea