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Observing Ridge Runners

Six and seven-year-olds up to their necks in creek water, exercising control over their vocal cords to keep the scene as naturally-serene as possible. Bug nets swooping through algae-filled creek water, searching for water bugs to find out how healthy the creek water really was. Munching on sandwiches and snacks under the oak trees, surrounded by the beauty of green foliage and yellow meadows. This is Ridge Runners camp. Eric Nicholas, City of Pleasanton naturalist, runs this summer camp with a philosophy that incorporates his adventurous childhood into a fun, engaging camp that teaches the value, beauty, and wonder of nature to children ages 6-11. As a child, Nicholas's parents would send him outside to play after school, a locked screen door keeping him out. He chose to explore the natural world around him. When he was older, he spent three years living in various wilderness settings. He'd learn how to survive in different environments from elders at Indian reservations and p

Long Overdue Update

Hey everyone, sorry for the absence. My sister is home from the hospital and doing great so I finally have a chance to update my blog! I spent some time at my aunt's house in the country. She helped me figure out some tasty, simple vegan recipes that I can make for dinner at home. I tried out new things, like making tortilla chips and seasoning tofu ground beef with taco sauce for making tacos (a major staple for me--I eat tacos all the time because they're so easy!). I also had breakfast burritos with tofu sausages and hash browns and ate frosting-less strawberry Pop Tarts. At this point, I'm relying on substitutes for meat for a lot of meals because it's a lot easier than making vegetables with rice or other grains for every meal. And it makes it more normal for me to eat with a group--like up at the cabin with the entire family. Here are some great vegan foods that I've tried and enjoy: - Morning Star Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets (great for when your non-vegan fr