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Gooooo Banana Slugs!

It's official. I've posted it on Facebook, we bought the family t-shirts and sweatshirts, and my dad even bought himself a "Dad" mug. Oh yeah, and I accepted admission on the website. I am going to UC Santa Cruz in the Fall!

We visited the campus yesterday for their Spring Spotlight tour and I fell in love with everything about the school. I learned a lot during the tour and I'm now so excited for next year. Though I saw one in fifth grade at Outdoor Ed, I can't wait to see my first banana slug at Santa Cruz and give it a kiss! Their skin makes your tongue numb if you lick them and they have no known predators! Woohoo!

Here are some pictures from the visit. Credit for the photos goes to my dad, who snapped pictures during the entire tour!

College Nine. There are 10 colleges and every student is a part of one. They create smaller communities on the large campus. My first choice is Stevenson College, but a lot of them look interesting. The total enrollment at UCSC is 16,000.

At one point, the school's mascot was changed to the sea lion. Students were outraged and fought for their beloved Banana Slug mascot. Eventually, it was changed back. Every year, students paint these sea lions yellow and attach antennae, saying they're really banana slugs in disguise.

The campus consists of 2000 acres. For every acre they build on, they have to keep one acre of forest.

Our entertaining tour guide, Stephen.

Quarry Plaza, named for the limestone quarry that used to operate on the land where the campus was built

My dad with his new Banana Slug Dad mug

Thanks for reading!
Green Gal


  1. Congratulations on being accepted to UC Santa Cruz and for choosing to go to the university! The school is a great fit for you and offers so much! Plus, it's close enough to home but just far enough away for that away-at-college experience!

    Here's to the next chapter of your life!

  2. Congratulations. It sounds like you'll be attending an amazing school. I'm sure it will offer you some great opportunities.

    It's always rough on Dad's when their daughters go off to college. My daughter attends Ohio University and I have a special OU parent t-shirt that I wear every time I visit her on campus. We talk often and she puts stuff on facebook every day, so I can keep track of what she's doing. I hope you enjoy college as much as she does.

  3. Congratulations! How very exciting! I also went to a very large school, and I loved it. There are so many opportunities--take advantage of them all! I'm sure you'll do great and have fun, too :)

  4. congrats! wherever life takes you, it is always an adventure to be had!


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