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My friends live in words: A Clippings Journal Compilation Composition

6 November 2012

My friends live in words and some are ones I’ve met and some I’ve met when I’ve exposed their inner spines to light. Men and women friends, lovers and girlfriends. There are strangers here, whose words were striking and which I stole for my collection.

Pain endorphins angst; vegetate, 12 hours
scoundrel of scuffed-up wood, questioning in me the way to be
or not
permanence of language
on printed plasticky paper on rolls
in cell phone bodies, buzzing

I read you under a bleached sky
and wanted to write you, as you wrote to me
drunk and tasting sweetness
of being a breath in the night
without name
making errors
living within our own gardens
but sharing harvests to be enjoyed
You become a freckle on my right pinkie
and it’s okay, it’s part of our condition
as writers to embrace, take what is as is as can be
potential loveliness in uncertainty
recalling what was as a layer under our skin
and we have many layers
time gives us material
breathe in the fire, exhale el sol

Serie del Sol: “Excursionismo de Mochila 101” (A Translation)

We were supposed to bring a "talent" into Spanish 5 class today para el final día de clase. A poem, un canción, a drawing, a skill. My Spanish professor and I hemos hablado sobre poetry y traducción on a few occasions, y por eso decidí que I would bring in some of my own poemas, translated into español.

We didn't end up sharing the talents, but we did sing La Bamba and eat cake that the professor brought para nosotros. Era delicioso.

But now I have some translated poetry of my own, and I would like to share it with someone. I suppose since you're reading this, that someone is you. I just have to say that the process of translating my own words into Spanish was illuminating. It taught me that I don't know what many words really mean in English. My assumptions about connotation and my understanding of certain nuances have been shattered and rebuilt for some words. I am learning how to say what I really mean in English while simultaneously learning new words in Span…

Illuminating the East Shield

"Coyote! Coyote!” Guitar-string strumming with a borrowed pick, punctuated with foot stomping and an old man with a beard and the biggest grin bongo drumming his palms on the podium, which had been pushed to the side before the evening began. The student sways gently to the beat, watching from behind eyes as others lose themselves in the evening, their bodies pulsing with everything that is present in the room. Something holds the student back, a deeply trained disconnection between body and the pervasive consciousness of situation. The beat goes on, smiles form that will ache the cheek muscles as folks leave that night, infused with something remarkable like that most vividly diverse mushroom display contributed by other students, they are foragers of fungal fruits. Awe and respect for the mushrooms in the back of the room, physically and psychologically behind this strangers-neighbors-friends human connection, behind the music. Everyone calls out, reflecting not only the singer…