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A Meatless Monday meal...and other odds and ends

I've been a little neglectful of my blog these past weeks. I was camping, cabining, and spending time with my sister, so I haven't had a chance to sign on and write. But now I have a chance, and figure I should post a Meatless Mondays meal since I haven't in a while. Salad pita sandwich Ingredients: - your favorite pita bread - organic lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, olives, guacamole--anything you enjoy in salads (except meat or chicken, of course!) - your favorite organic salad dressing--avoid dressings with dairy products if you want to go cow-free for your Meatless Monday . My personal favorite dressing is honey-mustard. Directions: 1. Chop carrots, tomatoes, onions, olives, etc. into bite-sized pieces. 2. Open the pita bread pocket so you can stuff things inside without things falling through the other end. 3. Stuff lettuce in to the bottom, being careful not to poke through the bread. 4. In which ever order you'd like, place the different veggies in

One Board at a Time

I pulled the dark green book from its place in the closet and placed it beside Tolstoy, Hesse, and a Sierra Nevada natural history book in my orange backpack. The engraving on the spine is gold and reads My First Summer in the Sierra -- John Muir. In another bag, socks and shorts, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts were crammed together like many individual shoots in a carpet of moss. A camera bag nearby held my Canon Rebel XS, my lovely digital SLR. Boots and a sleeping bag and a CamelBak pack filled with water sat nearby, yearning for the cool mountain air, almost as much as I was. We left home and didn't stop until we reached a little town called Escalon. We bought diet Cokes and a container of fries, knowing the fries would be burned off the next day. Yosemite was still about 100 miles away, but home was far behind us and our destination lay ahead. At the forefront of our minds was the 17 mile hike to Half Dome we would be taking tomorrow--a 12 hour hike that would bring fo

Meatless Mondays Recipe #1

Joey Lee, executive assistant for Meatless Mondays, recently commented on my blog post , encouraging me to begin a weekly Meatless Mondays recipe post with pictures and recipe information for interesting, yummy, nutritious meatless meals. I’m hesitant to take on this project because of the obligation I am creating for myself, but I might as well try. It may turn into a bi-weekly or monthly post, depending on how well it works out. I’m not a huge cook, but I am definitely participating in Meatless Mondays (and have eliminated all beef from my diet), so I want to spread the word and encourage others to try it out. My first meal is a vegetable kabob dish with brown rice on the side. I bought my veggies pre-kabobbed from Trader Joes (so I didn’t pluck them from my own garden or select them from the farmers market), but making this meal with local, organic veggies only makes it taste better—and reduces your environmental impact! And the recipe is really quite simple. Ingredients: - fre