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Sun Series circa Backpacking 101

“why is light” if i could capture the joyful emanation of soothing mid-memory loveliness that is this light of gold on this crest of world i would open myself and breathe (inhale) its warmth and release (exhale) from every pore its emanations             you would be intricate plants and sprawling grasses breathing in life (stretch)             from sun from sky (breathe in more fully your life, live fully in oxygenated experience) and only, you may only ask us why     “sunscape” sunscape all i see is sun gold breaths cover the skin of Earth with glowing, like the glow of our cheeks after (what, what does this evoke in your subconscious) afternoon was heated, hot, sweat on skin, and now is calm-temperatured all bodies simply are (are you simply is) and my eyelids know its there the sunlight casting shadows of eyelash, hair on cheeks do they glo