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Protect Backyard Beekeeping in Nevada: Oppose SB389

Nevada Residents: On March 21st, the state legislature introduced SB389 , a bill that will - if passed - make it ILLEGAL to keep backyard bees in urban and suburban areas. Honeybees pollinate our local food crops--those grown on farms as well as in our backyard gardens. We need more honeybees, not fewer. Honeybees are not like wasps or yellowjackets--they don't harm humans unless provoked. If you live in Nevada, please submit your comments in opposition to SB389 here , and add your name to the petition organized by the Northern Nevada Beekeepers Association .  Link for public comment:  Sign Petition by Northern Nevada Beekeepers Association: Here's what I wrote as my petition comment: We need more people raising honeybees so that urban and suburban folks who are growing their own food or growing food to sell in their community can have an ample supply of honeybees to pollinate their crops