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Spring Break has begun... with lots of bikes!

My Spring Break began last Thursday, and I have until Sunday to enjoy time at home. I am studying and preparing for the class on Friedrich Nietzsche that I'm teaching through the Literature Department at UC Santa Cruz next quarter, but in between reading, I've been biking around with Green Guy and my sister. Take a look!

Friday night, I bicycled around town with Green Guy and Jeune Gal for the second night of my Spring Break from college--my last spring break of my undergraduate career!
While visiting Sonoma State with Jeune Gal yesterday, we saw her exact same bike parked in a rack, only a larger size. It was like a sign from the Bicycling Gods that she is meant to go there--and to bring a bike! She did decide to go there after visiting--I'm so proud of her and excited for this new chapter in her life. Go Seawolves!

Jeune Gal showed her bicycling style on Sunday night before a party around the block in back jeans, black boots, and a lacy black top. Her black helmet with silver flames totally matched, and her pink bike added some color to the whole ensemble!

I biked with her to her friend's house, two blocks away. She doesn't have a back light, so I decked my bike in lights and wore my bright yellow jacket to escort her there safely. I'm working on convincing her to get a new bike before she goes away to college. I think we're making progress, especially after the three bike rides we've done since I've been home. She still needs lights, a new bike with gears, a bike rack, some panniers... Sonoma State is flat, so she should have no trouble getting around by bike!
I ordered some bike stickers from Taking The Lane, and they arrived in the mail!

The new sticker on my bike rack.

Jeune Gal and I biked to Starbucks to do some homework together. We took the route that I used to take to bike to high school... so many bicycling morning memories!

We biked home just as the sun was setting. It's only Monday, so who knows how many more bicycle adventures we'll have in the coming days!
Happy Spring, my friends!