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A bike writing kinda day

It's been a bike writing day for me.

Last week, I was interviewed for a Good Times article about the bike commuting workshops I'm co-designing and facilitating through my IDEASS bike internship. This afternoon when I walked by a stack of Good Times newspapers, I flipped through one. The article about our workshops began on page seven, and the photograph of my bicycle and me was on page ten. How awesome--my bike's never been in the paper!

The article quotes Amelia, the Director of People Power, and me, but it doesn't mention my team partner Aly by name. If I had it my way, she'd have gotten a quote in the article, too! She does so much great work for our team, and she always has a cheerful attitude. I'm so grateful to have a motivated team partner who cares about our project and does a fantastic job! Our hope is that people will read this article and attend one of the workshops--and then they can hear from Aly, too!

Read the article here: "Riding Smart" by Aric Sleeper, Good Times, March 13, 2014
Later today after reading the article, I spent some hours finishing up a newsletter about bicycling that I am co-creating with my team partner for IDEASS, Aly. We hope the newsletter can share a good mix of on- and off-campus opportunities, events, and stories about bicycling in Santa Cruz. We have connected with both bicycling communities since September, and there is so much going on that doesn't always get shared between on- and off-campus groups. We're hoping to bridge that gap as best we can and also create a newsletter that contains UCSC bike news--we don't know of any that already do that since there isn't a unified bicycling voice for campus. Until now!
Since it was the first issue, there was so much we could include. Next time, it will probably be shorter and include fewer photos. Here's only a piece of it, pictured below. Click the link below the image to view the full newsletter, and please let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!
Green Gal