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End of the week roundup: Interesting articles

I always come across interesting articles that I want to share on my blog, but it always feels insubstantial to post just one link unless the topic is something that I have time to elaborate on for an entire post. So as a solution, I’ll post links to some of the most interesting posts/articles I’ve come across this week, along with some short quotes from the post.

Ancient Greenland gene map has a surprise by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor on February 10

“The DNA gives strong hints about the man, nicknamed Inuk. "Brown eyes, brown skin, he had shovel-form front teeth," Eske Willerslev, who oversaw the study, told a telephone briefing. Such teeth are characteristic of East Asian and Native American populations.”

Herbs 101 by Progressive Pioneer on February 10

"I really do feel so empowered when I learn about simple things I can do to keep us healthy. I feel like there can often be a lot of fear in our culture about
taking your health into your own hands, but who else knows your body better than you? Or understands the subtleties of your children's health better than their own mama?”

Plastic in my food :( by Throwback at Trapper Creek on February 8

“What I didn't can, I froze in plastic freezer bags and containers. I had no idea that plastic wasn't ideal for food storage. It is handy, convenient and fairly inexpensive, if you don't count the replacement cost and throw away aspect of it.”

How to draw a Hippo by PawPrint (my younger sister) at Everything Hippo on February 6

"Break out the paper and the pencil, I'm gonna show you how to draw a hippo!"

Treehouse Talk: Pecha Kucha. by HUNTER-GATHERING: Wild & fresh food on February 6

"It was certainly a challenge to try to deliver a concise talk in 6 minutes 40 seconds, much harder than doing pulling off the 40 minute long talks I am used to. Twas a fantastic evening filled with yarns from many an adventurer: A man who took a flew a car to Mali, the youngest Briton to climb everest, Polar explorers, jungle trippers and even a pair who walked around the M25."

Well, there you have it. Five awesome posts from the past week.

Green Gal


"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money."
-- Cree Indian Proverb


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