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Earth Day Planning and Sunny Skies!

It is a radiantly sunny day here in Santa Cruz, and I couldn't be happier that I live in this wonderful forest on the top of a hill.

I just enjoyed a nice, meandering walk through a redwood trail on my way to Kerr Hall from Oakes College. I was in Oakes for an Earth Day planning meeting this afternoon, enjoying the sun from the panoramic view at Oakes Lower Lawn. (If you go to UCSC and you've never been to Oakes Lower Lawn, you have not experienced the beauty of our campus in its entirety... I know many people never venture into Oakes, but it is worth it!) I'm so glad I've gotten involved with this year's Earth Day planning as a representative for Path to a Greener Stevenson and a co-representative for Friends of the Sustainability Office. It's fun and exciting to brainstorm and vision the UCSC Earth Day Festival 2012, especially since Earth Day is the same day as my birthday, April 22. So far, our plan for the day includes healthy food, live music, and workshops and tables from as many organizations as we can fit on the lawn. We hope to close the festival with a drum circle, because what's a UCSC event without a drum circle? The website for signing up for Earth Day just went live, and I cannot wait to see what ideas organizations have for workshops and interactive tabling.

My question for all of you is, what would you hope/want/expect to see at the world's best, most exciting, interactive and inspiring Earth Day Festival? Have you been to any festivals that had particularly intriguing or fun activities or elements? Share your ideas for what Earth Day 2012 should look like at UCSC, no matter how far out your ideas seem. Post links, share experiences, share ideas--I'd love to hear from you all!

My office hours here in the Sustainability Office in Kerr Hall start soon, so I'm about to switch gears and continue working on my third issue of the Greening UCSC Sustainability Office newsletter, which is being sent out February 28. Are you interested in hearing about UCSC (and the broader community and world's) sustainability efforts, opportunities, events, achievements and news? Join our mailing list by clicking here, and each month, you'll receive our newsletter, compiled by yours truly!

Thanks for reading, and have a magnificent day--don't forget to comment with your ideas!


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  3. Good Luck. I like to see demos of solar, renewable energy, compost bins, etc. I am sure there will be lots of people interested.


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