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Happy St. Patrick's Day

In Human Geography this year, we talked about ethnicity and how ethnicity is something we identify for ourselves. I had never really thought about my ethnicity, other than being white and American, so I started thinking about my heritage and which aspect of it I identify most with. I'm Norweigan, German, French, and, ah yes, Irish. I don't really celebrate anything German, Norweigan or French, but I definitely do celebrate my Irish heritage. So I decided that I consider myself American and Irish, if anyone were to ask me. I love St. Patrick's Day, especially the traditions my family has in celebrating it.

Today I decked out in my green shorts, t-shirt and shamrock earrings and told everyone I could that I'm Irish. I wish my last name was Irish, like my friends with last names like O'Leary and McGuinness. I told them that my grandparents are Daleys, which is definitely Irish. Anyway, every St. Patty's Day, my family has dinner at my grandparents house, the side from which I get my Irish blood. According to a family tree I made in fifth grade, my grandpa's family came from Ireland. My great-great-great grandparents, Bridget Dolan and Patrick Kelly, came from Fermanah and my other great-great-great grandparents, James Daley and Jane Drury, came from County Cork, Ireland. If I could visit any place in the world, I'd probably visit Ireland.

This year, however, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle are coming over to our house to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. My mom has had some corned beef cooking in the Crock-Pot since 8:00 this morning--it smells delicious! This will be my first year not eating any of the beef, considering I'm vegan. I'll be sticking with the cabbage and potatoes this year.

Some of my favorite things related to Ireland:
- potatoes (which actually originally came from South America)
- The Secret of Roan Inish
- Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
- In the Woods by Tana French
- Irish mythology and folklore
- rich history
- the color green
- Celtic music, like Loreena McKennitt

Check out this informative video on the history of St. Patrick's Day from

Thanks for reading :)
Green Gal


  1. This post is a wonderful celebration of your Irish heritage. Thanks for the interesting clips.

    Happy St. Pat's Day!


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