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Mainstream Evidence

It's always encouraging to see mainstream evidence of environmental concern. Real Simple magazine's Daily Finds email newsletter has lately been encouraging meatless meals. While they are also trying to support a healthier diet, there is of course the environmental sensitivity aspect.

Here are some articles from their website:

3 Reasons to Cut Down on Meat

6 Meatless Meals (for Meat Lovers)

25 Vegetarian Main-Course Recipes

Are You Scared of Tofu?

And, of course, they have a countless number of meatless (and vegan!) recipes on their website.


This Wednesday I'm meeting with Mr. Bill Radulovich to discuss a "Green Student" internship. I'll post more about it after Wednesday. I'm riding my bike there after school and I've invited the other students who are attending to ride along with me. I'll let you know if anyone joins me :)

Have a great Labor Day!
Green Gal