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For Small Trips, Make an Even Smaller Impact

When venturing out on short, quick trips to pick something up (from a nearby friend's house, from the market, the coffee shop, etc.), consider riding your bike, rather than driving.

This afternoon for instance, my sister needed her science book from my dad's house a few blocks away. My mom was all set to drive her there, but I insisted that I ride my bike over. I did, and had a quite refreshing time--and I saved some gasoline and clean air!

P.S. This week at my school is green week--yes, we're a week late. But today was spare the air day, and I rode my bike (free bagel!). Actually, I've ridden my bike 6 out of 7 of the past school days (last Friday looked cloudy and I didn't want to ride in the rain)--this year's record for me, I believe. I will be tallying my bike-riding days here on my blog. Though it's a bit chilly in the mornings, the refreshing ride brings energy and a feeling of accomplishment.

5 days (I rode to school and back)
x 3.48 miles (distance to school and back)
+ 2.31 miles (I rode a slightly different route today & was given a ride home)
= 19.71 total miles (for school purposes since April 20)

(I really should get one of those gizmos that records miles ridden...if you add my jaunt to my dad's this evening, .76 miles, the total since April 20 is 20.47 miles)


"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live."
--Mark Twain