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Earth Day - April 22

With the 39th official Earth Day on tomorrow morning's horizon, it is a very special time for environmentalists and those who appreciate the Earth. It is a time to celebrate our planet and start anew for a better tomorrow and a more sustainable future.

I see it as a chance to make goals to reduce our environmental footprints, and to increase our literal footprints upon the natural areas we cherish. It makes me want to venture out on more hikes and go backpacking and actually be with the natural world that I care for.

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So I say that Earth Day be treated like New Years, with resolutions and chances to start fresh on our impacts and lifestyles. Choose something, anything, that you can change to lessen your carbon or environmental footprint on this Earth that we are celebrating tomorrow. Write it down and start living what you want to see.

And check your local park listings to see if any Earth Day celebrations or clean-ups are happening nearby this weekend. Or host your own!

I'll be out celebrating my own birthday tomorrow by watching Disney's Earth--but I will also be celebrating the Earth by riding my bike to and from school, bringing my reusable lunchbox and water bottle, and by reminding everyone of the special importance of the day!

Have a Happy Earth Day!

P.S. Happy Birthday, John Muir!