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Bike love in the air & How I became a blogger for Pedal Love

It's not Valentine's Day yet, but bike love is in the air! It's rainy in Santa Cruz today and I have a cold, though, so I'll share some bike love through writing instead of riding.

A couple weeks ago, I submitted some photos of myself with my bike to the website Pedal Love to be included in their Valentine's Day feature. Little did I know that my submissions would lead to an opportunity to write blogs for this awesome site, an initiative of the California Bicycle Coalition.

Their website states, "Women on Bikes California marries active living advocacy for women with an ever evolving new media communications platform 'Pedal Love' to share dynamic and compelling stories of how ordinary people are making extraordinary changes to their lives by bike."

After I emailed my photos in, I received an email back from Melissa Balmer, Editor/Director of Pedal Love and Women on Bikes. The first thing her email said was "You made my day!" and then she asked me for more information about the photos I'd sent in. One was of me in my neon yellow bike jacket and matching helmet with my bike (and helmet) decked out in Christmas lights and spoke lights.

The other was of me and Green Guy at last spring's Bike Prom Bike Party ride in Santa Cruz. She especially wanted to know more about Green Guy, since I said in my original email "The guy in the photo is my boyfriend, a fellow bike enthusiast. Meeting him last fall and spending time with him motivated me to get back into biking more, and now I bike everywhere that I can!"

The part that really made my day was her invitation to write a blog column for Pedal Love. I absolutely loved her enthusiasm and willingness to invite me to write for them. I don't think she had any idea that I'm a writer, blogger, and major bike enthusiast (perhaps the photos said it all!). 

In response to her request for more information and invitation to write a blog post, I typed up the story of how Green Guy bike blended some smoothies for me at a sustainability event and then motivated me to fall back in love with biking. You can read the story here because it was just posted today on the Pedal Love site today!

The Pedal Love mission totally speaks to the work that I have been involved in the past couple years to empower women and also get more people on bikes: "Women on Bikes California focuses on the bike as a tool for optimism in the lives of women. We work to engage, connect and cultivate opportunity for women of all ages, races and walks of life interested in bicycling, active living advocacy and bike-related/bike-friendly industries."

I look forward to writing more blogs with them, and I already have an idea for my next one: a feature story of the many inspiring women of the bike advocacy world in Santa Cruz. If you're interested in being featured or know someone who should be featured in my next story, send me an email at greenbeangal [at]!

Thanks for reading!
Green Gal