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Why Fruit is Sustainably Fantastic

Have you ever realized that the most sustainably packaged, healthy, and portable snack out there is fruit? It comes with its own wrapper (its skin), it's good for your health and your soul (as my boyfriend always reminds me, fruit is designed by nature to be attractive and taste good... I say that anything whose sole intention is to make you feel good is good for the soul), and you can take fruit with you without hassle. Apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, and other hand-held fruits are especially portable, but strawberries, berries, and other smaller fruits are easy enough to carry in hand or in a basket.

Can we all just take a moment to be grateful and exhilarated by the beauty that is fruit?

Mmm, peaches at a local farm. Juicy and delicious and portable and not wasteful! Gorgeous, too!
Organic strawberries at the local farmers' market


  1. Fruit really is awesome...Oranges are amazing to me because they come pre sliced!

  2. Fruit are mother nature's candy:) Leave it to mother nature to make something that is so good for us taste sooo yummmy!


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