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Long Time No See!

Now that I finally have a break from school and will soon be on a break from work, I figured I should update the blogosphere about what I've been up to and share some snapshots of the past few months. I am going to try to post weekly green tips again, even if they are brief, especially during the next month since I am now on break from school.

The first environmental news from my life that I have to share with you is that this quarter, I got a job working in the UCSC Sustainability Office! I am the Internship Coordinator Assistant, which means I process timesheets, create lots of instructional Google Documents for the office, update the office calendar, and compile and send out the office's monthly newsletter, Greening UCSC. I am loving this job, especially all of the opportunities it has opened for me in the sustainability community on campus. This quarter I also became a voting committee member on the Carbon Fund Committee (whose staff members work in the Sustainability Office), which gives out money to qualified applicants seeking to put on projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus and in the Santa Cruz community. I may post more about this later, but we just had our Fall Funding round, and it was amazing see to see how many different ideas are out there that students have for making our campus a more sustainable institution.

Also this quarter, I've been a more active member of Path to a Greener Stevenson (PTAGS), the environmental organization in my college. I am the photographer for the group, as well as a representative for PTAGS both on the Carbon Fund Committee and the Sustainabiliteam, a newly-formed team of representatives for all the sustainability organizations on campus.

Additionally, I've continued to work toward certification in the Experiential Leadership Program through the Recreation Department. I took the Fall Seminar course, a course on Risk Management, and I now update the ELP Facebook page with news and reminders for others working toward certification.

It's been a busy quarter to say the least.

Add to that three classes with plenty of reading and papers, and it's no wonder I haven't updated since August. But I do hope to change that, as I mentioned. Even if it's just a photograph of life at UCSC, I am going to try to post at least once a week.

For now, here are some photographs from the quarter.

Mushroom Foraging: North Coast

Everything in this basket is edible.

Walking back to my dorm from work in November:

Thanks for reading!
Green Gal

Seems fitting to use this quote, one of my all-time favorites, after this quarter:
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
-- Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I visited Santa Cruz biefly in 1985 when I was stationed at Fort Ord...when dinosaurs roamed the earth. And now I'm trying to remove the effects of supermarket addiction.

    Drop by and place your bets.

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