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Orientation and Camping/Backpacking Trip!

Yesterday, I attened Orientation at UC Santa Cruz! I met some cool people, learned a lot about classes and the school, and signed up for as many environmental group emails as I could find! I also signed up for classes and got a tour of my college, Stevenson. I originally signed up for Chicano Teatro and History 2A: The World to 1500, but today I decided to drop Chicano Teatro and add Theater 61-B: Tragedy. The Tragedy class is part of the theater minor requirement, so I decided to take it in case I decide to minor in theater arts! :) Unfortunately, the Anthropology 1 class I was hoping to take it supposedly very challenging and not worth taking first quarter freshman year. That's fine with me to not take a super hard class, and after reading on about the history professor I'll have, I can't wait to begin classes!

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for the mountains to go camping and then on Friday I'm heading into the wilderness for some backpacking with my dad! I've never been backpacking before, and I'm really excited for my first experience! Adios amigos!

Green Gal


  1. Lol its sound like you have done lots of homework for your holidays ,well i would love to hear from you,you planned things well, if i will have to get my schedule i will ask u
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