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Meatless Mondays Recipe #1

Joey Lee, executive assistant for Meatless Mondays, recently commented on my blog post, encouraging me to begin a weekly Meatless Mondays recipe post with pictures and recipe information for interesting, yummy, nutritious meatless meals. I’m hesitant to take on this project because of the obligation I am creating for myself, but I might as well try. It may turn into a bi-weekly or monthly post, depending on how well it works out. I’m not a huge cook, but I am definitely participating in Meatless Mondays (and have eliminated all beef from my diet), so I want to spread the word and encourage others to try it out.

My first meal is a vegetable kabob dish with brown rice on the side. I bought my veggies pre-kabobbed from Trader Joes (so I didn’t pluck them from my own garden or select them from the farmers market), but making this meal with local, organic veggies only makes it taste better—and reduces your environmental impact! And the recipe is really quite simple.

- fresh, organic, local vegetables—The meal I enjoyed contained squash, white onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and red and green bell peppers. All of the chunks were large, which made for a nice serving.

- your favorite salad dressing marinade

- brown rice (or any starch you’d prefer)

- kabob sticks and a grill

1. Kabob-ify your vegetables by slicing into desired size and then spear onto the sticks.
2. Marinade in your favorite salad dressing for five to twenty minutes, depending on your preference.
3. Grill the kabobs!
4. Prepare the brown rice.
5. Eat the delicious kabobs either directly from the stick or slide off into a serving dish.
6. Enjoy!

To top off the evening, my dad and I rode our bikes over to pick up some brownie mix (dairy free, peanut free, egg free, gluten free, wheat free, nut free!). We raced, rode with no hands, and sped off down the nearby trail as a detour before heading home. What a lovely, green evening!

My dad with some teriyaki sauce (for rice) and the kabobbed vegetables.


  1. This meal was very easy to make and even more fun to eat with my family on a Meatless Monday.

    Little did I know that photo of me at the dinner table would show up on Melissa's blog!


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