Fair trade Earths, CSA, barefooted seniors, and yearbooks

With sadness and yet joy for the future, I attended my last Environmental Club meeting of high school on Wednesday. I stepped down from the role of publicist/secretary and said goodbye to my beautiful club members and fellow officers, with whom I have helped rebuild a fallen club. I will miss running meetings and sending emails, but it’s time for me to let someone else have that title and to let the other officers take the club in new directions next year, including food scrapping and other events that we brainstormed this year but never got around to doing. I wish them the best of luck next year and I will most definitely attend their events and visit when I have the chance. I hope to find an environmental club or group at Santa Cruz that I can join (I know it won’t be difficult!) and experience a similar, yet fresh community of activism for the environment.

I was pleasantly surprised when my dear friend Patricia (remember, the whole grain cookie girl?) presented me with a parting gift: fair trade chocolate Earth globes and a homemade card with a kind greeting. Thank you Patricia!

Today, I learned that our family has officially become part of the community-supported agriculture world. My dad and step-mom picked up our first batch of vegetables, fruit and artisan bread from our local Terra Bella Farms. We’ve already eaten one of the peaches and it was delicious! The bread they picked up is carmelized onion with Asiago—of course I had to try it, and avoided the Asiago as best I could. It is superbly yummy. We cannot stop slicing pieces of bread and eating them!

Also this week, I started an exercise routine in order to train for summer backpacking and my Wilderness Orientation in August. I started on Tuesday, fitting since it was June 1 and starting things on the first of the month always makes it feel more likely to be maintained. I jogged Wednesday and Thursday and then this evening after eating some bread, my dad, step-mom, Boston terrier Simon, and I went on a walk around our park. I went barefooted, which I love to do because then my feet become callused enough that I can go barefooted anywhere. It makes me feel more self-sufficient if I can take off my shoes whenever I want and not worry that my feet will hurt if I step on a rock.

Yesteday we got our yearbooks, and considering how many clubs I’m involved in, guess how many pages I’m either pictured in or quoted on. Go ahead, guess. Thirteen! A student in the yearbook class told me a couple of months ago that I wasn’t allowed to be photographed anymore because I am in the yearbook so much. Then I took a picture with the writing club. Later I was asked for a quote for two different clubs. No one’s surprised of course, but it is a little insane if you look through the club pictures section and see my face in five of them. Oh, and the best part is, I got to write an entire section on being “green.” In describing how I am “green,” I was able to list some easy ways for others to be more conscious. Hopefully, some students will read that and think a little bit more about their actions in relation to the environment.

In other news, my younger sister PawPrint is at her 8th grade Promotion Dance, a semi-formal dance for all the 8th graders who will be “promoting” to high school. She has only five more days of middle school, which means I only have five more days of high school. Absolutely raving mad, I tell you. It doesn’t even seem possible that high school is over. No way. But I guess it’s true, because there’s a purple gown in my closet and my Thespian honor cords are waiting on my dresser to be worn at graduation...

Have a great weekend, Blogosphere!
Green Gal


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
-- Anais Nin


  1. life awaits, time for your next big adventure, you will bask in everything the world has to offer you. breathe it all in, because it only gets better after this. amen for making it through the high school experience. go forth and kick ass, my dear.

  2. We're so proud to have you as one of our very first team members, Green Gal. Be the Change Cyclists applauds you for being a role model and inspiration. Enjoy these final days of high school, and we wish you a wonderful summer and all the best in college.

  3. Congratulations on completing your high school education and getting accepted to U.C. Santa Cruz. Your parents and sister could not be more proud of you. It has been a joy to watch you grow up and to see who you would become.

    When you were little, I feared the crazy teenage years when girls can spiral off into Ophelia-like madness. It never happened, and instead you found focus and purpose in your life, being active in clubs and our community, reading so many books, taking a college course while still in high school, and in making a difference with your young life. All those pictures in the yearbook don't begin to portray how much you've done!

    So congratulations and know that we love you!


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