Miwok Picture Language Book

In December, my friend Alexys and I spent some time at my family's cabin in the mountains. She taught me some Miwok words and I created a picture book that incorporates the words so I can better learn some of the language. Since then, I've learned some more words and have written many new words from various California tribes (Maidu, Konkow, Nisenan, etc.) in a language and culture journal I'm keeping. Here are the pages that I made in December. I hope to make more soon.

watu: sun, lama: tree, oha: woman, nanga: man, kiky: water, lapisay: fish, ohnem: to fish, haju: dog

nowehkowai: I love you, ohnem: to fish, nawa: love

Alexys drew this one. honon: bear, funawa: laughter

Learn how to count in Miwok using this picture.

If I make more, I will post them.
Thanks for reading! Happy Monday.

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