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I just want to quickly share with you a conversation I had with my Environmental Club friend about healthy food on Facebook Chat. It gives me hope that not all teenagers are junk food addicts:

oh, are you planning on bringing anything for the env club partay on Wednesday?
I wanted to bring cookies but we only have whole grain flour
and I don't know if everyone would like that

I'm probably just going to buy some cookies and bring them
I like whole grain cookies :) if you put enough frosting on them or something they'd be good lol

Yeah my mom's a health teacher so I'm used to whole grain but I don't know if everyone else likes it!

lol yea we eat pretty healthy at my house
most people end up liking healthy foods once they try them...I think it's just a matter of getting used to them
most healthy foods taste better than gross stuff if you really savor them...the bad foods often make you feel bad after eating them, but healthy foods taste good and make you feel good

I agree 100%!!!


Doesn't that give you hope?

My last Environmental Club meeting of high school is this Wednesday at lunch. It's getting close to the end now, with only two more weeks of high school. Perhaps then I'll finally have time to post blogs again. I'm going to begin training for a Wilderness Orientation that I'm attending in August for UC Santa Cruz. I need to start exercising in general, and with that I am going to try to eat even healthier--no candy and junk food and fewer bagels :-) Getting on board with those goals and having freedom once summer arrives will bring plenty of blog post topics. Get ready for it!

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"If you were to leave the world tomorrow, would you be content with your obituary?"
-- Unknown


  1. Great post! Eating right and exercise are key to staying healthy; we hear this all the time but it's so true!

  2. It's hard to break eating habits once they're ingrained. Wish I'd started from birth, but now I'm trying to give my kids whole grains and no high fructose corn syrup.

    Hope you have some yummy healthy cookies! Ooo--you might like this recipe: carrot oatmeal chocolate chip. My version uses just shy of 1/2 whole wheat flour...original recipe had none. You could even try to use all whole wheat if you want...I'd love to hear how it turns out! Delicious!

  3. Awesome! I love it! :-) Go good food! :-)

  4. here's the deal - you make the cookies with the whole grain, you don't tell them it's whole grain, everyone likes it, everyone is healthy without knowing it. i make vegan truffles but find i have to not mention the word 'vegan' as people assume it will taste, i dunno, like veggies?


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