Dating Game: Neanderthals and Early Humans

"Be careful whom you call a Neanderthal. You may be one yourself. Or at least you may have Neanderthal ancestors.

That's the conclusion of a study being released Thursday that examined DNA extracted from Neanderthal bones more than 35,000 years old."

I read this article saying to myself, well duh, haven't they read Jean M. Auel's The Clan of the Cave Bear and the Earth's Children series? Her book includes relations between the neanderthals and modern man. If you haven't read that series, I highly recommend it!

Check out the NPR article on the subject here: "Hey Good Lookin': Early Humans Dug Neanderthals" by Joe Palca.

Notice that one of the geneticists mentioned in the article is now working at UC Santa Cruz. Yeah Santa Cruz!


  1. Well that's the last time I call anyone a Neanderthal! If I grew my beard out I'd look just like that guy in the photo!

    I've always sensed that while our brains are able to create advanced technology, our bodies are low tech and need basics like exercise (chasing dinner or running from becoming dinner) and non-processed food (consuming nature's high fiber foods).

    Thanks for the reminder, and how cool that you'll be attending Santa Cruz where really smart people work!

  2. i remember that series all too well... i was a girl when those were popular and think as an adult now that instead of telling me about sex, my mom just handed me valley of horses. hmm. remember daryl hannah in the grunting movie version? oy...


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