No stove, no oven, no microwave & no bees?

This week's Change the World Wednesday Challenge (CWWC) was:

This week, "plan an oven- and stove-free day, and no cheating and going out to eat! Have sandwiches, cut up fruit, veggies with dip, leftovers from a previous dinner that you can heat in the microwave**. Plan ahead and make a pasta salad you can eat cold for a few days. Have hummus, feta cheese, and spinach on a pita or wrap. There are tons of healthy, delicious meals you can have without having to turn on the stove! As an added plus, many of the meals are quick and easy to prepare!"

**I'd like to bump up What A Card's challenge ... how about including microwave-free, as well.

So today, I am going without a stove, oven or microwave. It's difficult to plan a day without using them, so it's a good challenge.

For breakfast, I did use electricity to toast some bread in a toaster oven (which some may argue violates the challenge). I had coffee made in a coffee maker (not a stove or oven, but still electricity). For lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich with trail mix I made this morning (chocolate chips, almonds, sunflower seeds). My after school snack consisted of rice crackers and hummus. For dinner tonight, I plan on having salad, pita bread and more hummus. Pretty basic.

I'm looking forward to reading tomorrow's CWWC!

I'll leave you with this interesting article and video that my Economics class watched yesterday and today about Colony Collapse Disorder in honey bees. One more reason to support organic food.

Interesting tidbit: my name means "honey bee" in Greek, so I feel a special connection to these wonderful creatures and find it so sad that they're dying. Hopefully they can be saved before it's too late--for their own sake and for the importance of their role in pollination!

Green Gal


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  1. The bee thing is honestly terrifying. Everything could collapse if they keep disappearing.

  2. It is scary. Has there been any move to create legislation to try and protect them?

  3. Mmm, that trail mix sounds delicious. It's 4 am here, and I'm thinking that would be good to eat now :)

    And the bee thing is so scary. I went to a farm a few years ago that had a giant gazebo-like building where the entire center section was a glassed in giant hive...completely dead. Not a single bee. It must have been so cool to see before the colony collapse. Now, just really sad.

  4. Hello GreenGal,
    Want to help me with a newspaper food section cover on how to eat without turning on an oven, stove or microwave. I am a reporter at the Longview (Texas) News-Journal, and my story deadline is noon CDT Monday (6-21).
    Call me? (800) 627-4716 x7753
    Thanks for reading,


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