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Saturday morning food & dirt

For the third Saturday in a row, I visited our downtown Farmers' Market. My mom accompanied me today, and we bought a bunch of delicious food, including organic carrots, an organic onion, organic Russian kale, olive oil from Modesto, Beckmann's Old World Bakery french bread loaf from Santa Cruz, amazingly seasoned potatoes and chicken from RoliRoti, brussel sprouts from San Juan Bautista, organic strawberries and organic blackberries from Watsonville.Then my mom dropped me off at the local elementary school, where my Environmental Club is helping to create some gardens. I leveled out some new topsoil and then walked home.

So far it's been a lovely day! I have some homework to do today and some soup to make!

Green Gal


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
-- Jane Goodall


  1. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday! Sounds like you have some delicious meals in your future...

  2. You're so cool! Thanks for making the family eat healthier. Wish I could have gone!

  3. It's so great to have a Farmer's Market in our town. Your photos are excellent and capture the spirit of the variety available.

    Let us know how the soup turns out!

  4. Sounds like another great Saturday morning.

    Thanks for helping out with the elementary school garden project...

  5. Your Farmers Market sounds great. There have been a couple attempts to start local markets around here, but they were never successful. This is a rural area and those who want fresh produce raise their own. Those who don't, aren't going to pay more than grocery store prices for their food, no matter how much better it would be.

    Our local population keeps increasing as people from the city relocate into this area. These are the people who would support a Farmers Market. Eventually the population will change enough that local produce growers can afford to market their crop locally. One day, we may have a market here that's as nice as yours.

  6. I love seeing photos of Farmer's markets. Nice blog--I will be back!

  7. Thank you for the comments, everyone! Steve, I hope that your community eventually does get one as they create such a nice atmosphere and bring their own sense of community. Plus, it's great to find locally grown foods that are fresh--it makes eating so much more fun when you can get it from a fun place like a Farmers market.


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