Photo Friday: Young Talent

Last Friday my school's drama department had its second annual Cabaret Night. It was such a success and there was so much talent! Some of the songs were dedicated to Evelyn, the young girl who committed suicide a few weeks ago. The songs were beautiful and honest and many people in the audience were crying. There was also a hilarious improv competition on the other end of the spectrum, on the comedy mask side of theater. My dad, sister and I performed Hamlet's "To Be or Not To Be" as a dialogue after deciding to only about half an hour before the show! Singing, monologues, Bhangra dancing, a barbershop quartet, guitar, and keyboard were among the various performances that evening. There is so much talent in my community in so many different aspects of life!


  1. I love seeing so many young people playing instruments. I really wish I would have stuck with band!


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