Quote of the Day: Water

All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was. -- Toni Morrison

I love the rainy weather we've been having, the constant pitter-pat on the roof and the swaying trees dripping water from their leaves. We really need it here in California.

I think I'm going to periodically have quotes of the day, considering I've come across many lovely quotes with nowhere to share them except here.

Have a nice evening, and if it's raining where you are, enjoy the poetry it brings to your day.


  1. i enjoy visiting this site always has good info....ps thanks for the comment on my site

  2. We at Be the Change Cyclists also love the rain and we love the quotation by Toni Morrison. Thanks for this delightful post and photo.

  3. We are going to get swept away by all this rain here in Cali...nice blogs by the way...

  4. What a wonderful way to end my day. Receiving this email of poetry from my lovely granddaughter.

    I have been enjoying the rain as well and am so happy it is filling the reservoirs and nourishing the earth once again.

    Thank you for the quote and for the "water color" picture.

  5. I love the rain and have been experiencing a lot of poetic moments in the past.


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