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Note: The title of this post is intentionally "All Growed Up" and not "All Grown Up" because I'm a '90s baby and its in tribute to the Rugrats TV movie of that same name. Perhaps I'm also poking a little bit of fun at myself for claiming to be grown up because a) I'm only 23 and b) who wants to really be grown up anyway?

In the last eight months since I posted on this blog, many exciting changes and new adventures have happened in my life. I was so busy living that I forgot to take time to reflect, write, and share them on here. Life will probably always be busy, though, right? I'm hoping that as I settle into these new changes, I can begin blogging again a little more consistently.

So what were those adventures and new changes? The biggest change is certainly that I moved away from the coastal town that I called home for nearly five years. I now live in a cute neighborhood in a big city, and I commute by bike and bus to that coastal town to the same two jobs I've had since last July. I'm still in the same general region that I've lived in my entire life, but each place has its own unique history, social life, and new opportunities. I'm still learning what it means to be a resident of this city, and I'm getting used to the hot weather (again)!

Another change tied directly to the move is that I now live with my awesome partner of more than 2.5 years, Green Guy, which has its own host of fun and interesting changes, such as getting to see him nearly every day instead of once a week. I went from living with three women to living with one guy, so my responsibility for chores and keeping up the house has increased. Meals are almost always cooked for two (or more if we want to bring food to work the next day), and I have become more experimental with cooking, knowing that someone will be there with me to taste the results and help me figure out how to make it better next time. I also found out that I love cleaning and doing laundry. Yesterday, for example, I spent the entire day doing laundry, cleaning the house, and cooking a really yummy meal. I used a crock pot for the first time to make ribs; roasted corn in the oven with butter, garlic, and seasoning; and made delicious twice baked potatoes. All three parts of the meal were new in some way, and it turned out great! I was actively moving, cleaning, and cooking all day, and it was one of the most productive, fulfilling days I've had in awhile.

Also connected to this new place is a renewed interest in gardening and growing plants. I've always wanted to be like the gardeners that both of my parents are, but I never quite made it happen. Now that I have a little rectangle of dirt in the backyard and a porch at our front door big enough for potted plants, I've begun growing things and finding comfort in the routine of watering (and the unexpected surprises of learning how to keep plants alive by trial and error!).

When I think back to high school, when I was first writing this blog, I remember coming across so many blogs written by mostly women who posted about their experiences living "green" in their homes. At the time, I aspired to be like them, but ultimately couldn't relate to the articles on eco-cleaning products, gardening to feed a family, or making things for a home instead of buying them. I was too young to be responsible for those things, and while I implemented what I could, it wasn't until recently that I really understood the relevancy of those particular tips and stories. I get it now, though, and I want to be part of that conversation again so that I can learn from others how to do this whole being an adult thing in a way that's cost-effective with very little environmental impact.

All of this background is to say, hey, I'm back, and I've reached a point where my posts are going to be showcasing plants growing and yummy meals I made with fresh ingredients and interesting ideas for how to do things you want to do without emitting pollutants or trashing the planet. I'm still the same ole Green Gal bicycling to the farmers market and climbing mountains; I'm just (maybe) a little more mature than I was back in 2009 when I posted about how to be an eco-teenager.

For now, I'll let some photographs tell the story of what I've planted, what I've cooked, and what adventures I've been on in the last eight months...

More details and stories about some of these photos coming soon...

Thanks for reading!
Green Gal


  1. I look forward to more! Especially anything I can learn about being an adult. ;)

  2. Welcome back and congrats on being out on your own now! I wish I had transitioned to greener living earlier in my 20s. :)

  3. Congratulations on finally getting "Growed up!" (I loved watching Rug Rats!) I enjoyed your post and all of its beautiful pictures. You certainly are developing a green thumb. Thanks for all your contributions to keeping our world beautiful and healthy!


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