Why I Didn't Post Today Like I Promised

Today I spent 5 hours on public transporation, commuting back and forth to UC Santa Cruz for my Sustainability Office internship. I was going to write my blog post on the train home, but I ended up working on the green guide that I'm editing and updating for the City. So even though I didn't post the waste auditing blog post today like I promised, I was actively involved in sustainability work most of the day. Sometime soon, I'll share more about my work at school, and the waste auditing post is on its way... it will be up tomorrow morning after my train ride to Santa Cruz!

Here's a glimpse of my 6:45 AM start at the train station this morning...
Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow morning for some trash talking--photos and thoughts on waste and how dang much we produce each day without even thinking!


  1. Awesome picture! Nice job commuting on public transportation. I rode my bike to a lunch today instead of driving. Keep up the good work!


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