Change the World Wednesday Challenge: Waste Audit

With the free time that has come with summer, I have decided to spend a little time each day browsing the blogs that I follow. Life gets so hectic during the school year that I barely have time to post to my own blog, let alone visit the great bloggers (listed to the right in My Favorite Blogs) that I "follow."

One of my favorite bloggers is Small Footprints, writer of the blog Reduce Footprints. She is also the founder of the Change the World Wednesday Challenges, which are updated--you guessed it--every Wednesday. I used to do these challenges on a more regular basis, and I always love the ideas, inspiration, support, and stories from the community that participates in these weekly challenges.

It's Thursday, which means a new CTWW Challenge was posted yesterday! Let's take a look...

This week's challenge comes from EcoGrrl. It really asks us to take an honest look at our actions and make improvements. Here it is ... 
This week do a 'waste audit' or ask a super green person you know to do one and help you see where you can do better in creating less waste. For guidelines on how to do an audit, read How to Reduce Your Household Waste.

I'm certainly up for the challenge! I'm going to be heading up to the mountains later today, so I won't have as much control this weekend regarding "household" waste as I typically would, but I can still be conscious of the waste I normally create. Instead of following the guidelines of the waste audit information in the link above, I think I'll be conscious of when I would normally make a poor waste decision and make note of it and then do the right thing. That way I will actually be reducing waste, even as I'm thinking of my typical routine. I'll try to snap some photos of my choices and post about my experience on Monday.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, let's join Small Footprints in her mantra:


Update: You can find out how the week went for me by viewing my blog post here.


  1. Thanks! Just went through the link for the audit. I identified a barrier to improvement is that I don't know all the rules. I will link to the earth 911 site to see if I can find them for SF. I'm committed to improving. Have a fun vacation! XO

  2. I love this post! So many people are willing to live green at home but then, when they go away, especially on a trip, all green living ideas get tossed out the window. You've really kicked this challenge up a notch by paying attention to your habits while away from home! Brilliant! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear how you did!


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