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A nagging question and a new addition to our garage

Noah's bagels.JPGImage by Simon Miller via Flickr
Long time no posts, eh? Well I'm going to try and post more regularly--how's once a week sound for a starting challenge?

I've got a bone to pick with a lady at my local Noah's New York bagels. She won't let me reuse a Noah's bag that once held other bagels. I know it isn't her fault that there are regulations to protect companies from getting sued for contaminated food, but she's the only one at that store who follows that rule. Every other employee lets me reuse my bags and they've come to accept it (at first they couldn't understand why I wouldn't just want a new one, but now they see the point).

Of course I understand she wants to follow the regulations, but here's my issue: How is reusing a bag any different than bringing my own mug and filling it with coffee? I could just as easily contaminate my cup and then turn around and sue them (which is utterly ridiculous and should not be allowed) as do the same with a bag. If anyone has any valid reasons as to what the difference is, please let me know. It has been bothering me (even though I still use my old bag each time I go in there--as long as she isn't working!).


Our city is starting a new recycling program October 1st and today we received our new recycling bin! We jumped with joy, took pictures, and read the new manual. Before, we'd just put all our recyclables into a blue bag and then put that in with the trash. Now, our precious recyclables have their very own exclusive can and don't have to share a bin with that nasty garbage! Woohoo! (Although I just realized that that means there will be yet another truck--that makes three--that will be driving around in the mornings. Bummer for the atmosphere!) 


It's been a crazy few days with a head cold, sore throat and stuffed up nose, but I'm hangin' in there. Check out my new Twitter feed in the right hand column for my latest happenings. Follow me and I'll follow you!

Another post is coming your way on Wednesday, when I'll be discussing Reduce Footprints most recent Change the World Wednesday challenge and how I managed to stick with it everyday--almost.

See you Wednesday,
Green Gal


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