Busy, busy, busy!

With school starting, I've been so busy lately that I have again neglected my blog. For this post, I just have some quick links and factoids that you may find interesting:

-- Check out the WILD Foundation's World Wilderness Congress:
Also known as WILD9 (http://wild9.org/), [the WILD Foundation's World Wilderness Congress] is the longest running environmental forum and occurs once every four years. This year's conference will be held the week of November 6th in Merida, Mexico, and will feature speakers Jane Goodall, Stephan Harding, and Pav Dukhdev...it will address the first ever international agreement on Wilderness between U.S., Canadian and Mexican agencies.
Sounds informational, inspiring and very much along the lines of what I write about here on Green Gal. For more information, please visit their website at http://wild9.org/.

-- Need another reason to reduce, reuse & conserve? Look no further: Pacific Ocean garbage patch worries researchers

-- I'm in week 10 of not using shampoo and boy, is my hair gross. Those who've had the misfortune of patting my head have been given an explanation of my endeavor to use no shampoo (lest they think my hair is gross for no reason). According to what I've read, I have two more weeks of gross before my scalp is settled and used to producing less oils. With this heat I really should be washing it everyday, but I'm on such a routine of washing it every other day. It doesn't look gross, it just feels gross. This is not to deter you from trying it out--I recommend it. It takes a little getting used to and there's no lovely lathering feeling when you wash your hair. But, it's easier to comb, looks pretty, and should return to a more normal state in a few weeks. I will let you know when I get to a stable point.

-- I may begin an internship sort of deal with the Climate Prosperity Project. If all goes as planned, I will have access to a wikipage designed for students like me to post ways to be a green student. Details have not been arranged, but it sounds like an excellent idea. I will definitely link it to my blog once it's up and running. For more information on the Climate Prosperity Project, check out my blog about "The Road to Climate Prosperity" eFair 2009.

That's all for now.
I'll post more when I have the chance.

Thanks for reading,
Green Gal

P.S. I've ridden my bike to school every day of this school year! That's six days of using my own physical energy to bring myself somewhere! :)


  1. Kudos for your many efforts to go green, Melissa--including the no shampoo experiment! Let's see, humans have been on the planet how many thousands of years? And when was shampoo invented?

    Best of luck with the internship for the Climate Prosperity Project!


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