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Results of Rain

We've been getting delightful rain lately, and it's led to a really lush green garden out back! Here are some photos from yesterday morning:

Those tall sunflowers have gotten droopy! Their vibrant petals surround an enormous sunflower face.
 So much green!
 Nasturtiums have really taken over!
 The younger sunflower finally bloomed.
Kale, green onion, and chard.

The worms have also been doing well, eating through apple cores and other food waste slowly as the weather has gotten colder. I'm looking forward to January, when I can begin planting some new seeds again. Right now, I've just been tending what we have growing. The arugula on the living room window is super bitter, but I hope to mix it with other lettuce from the store sometime soon for a salad, or add it to pasta.

A new project that Green Guy and I will be tackling in the new year is beer making! In celebration of our three year anniversary, I got us a beer making kit. I'll be sure to document that journey on the blog once we begin.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and Happy New Year!


  1. The garden looks beautiful; those nasturtiums love that spot. Good to hear about the rain, and best of luck with making beer! Keep us posted!


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