CTWW: Catalogue & Replace Toxic Products

The challenge for this week's Change the World Wednesday Challenge is...

This week take a look at your yard for toxic and/or non-environmentally-friendly materials. For example, does your garden hose contain lead? Is the pool, yard toys (slides, swings, doll houses, etc.) made of plastic? How about buckets, tools, garden pots .... or window netting for insects ... are they made of harmful plastic? Identify the materials used for the things you have in your yard and then, make plans to replace those items with Eco-friendly, safe versions. NOTE: we're not asking you to run out and replace everything in your yard ... but simply to evaluate items and replace as you can or deem fitting.

Or ...

Don't have a yard, patio, etc.? Then your challenge is to look indoors. Focus on one room and do the same ... identify any harmful, non-Eco-friendly materials and make plans to replace them. This might include paint with harmful ingredients or a plastic shower curtain. Other ideas include plastic decor, light bulbs, etc.

When I first read the challenge, I thought "oh man, but I'm living in a dorm!" Then I realized that doesn't excuse me from owning things that could be replaced with more environmentally friendly/healthy things or paying attention to my surroundings. So, I accept the challenge and will take a look at the things I own that are so necessary to my life that I brought them along with me for summer session--those things I come in contact with daily, and thus should be the healthiest things I own! So it actually works out well. I also challenge myself to take note of what other things on this campus are made of and where improvements could be made. If I find things that really concern me, I will bring them to the attention of those who can make decisions about replacing them with better alternatives. Love this challenge! Let's see if I can handle blogging about it + 12 units of summer classes + studying for the GRE + editing a green guide. I can so do this!

Are you going to join us in changing the world?


  1. Oh Excellent!! I personally believe that when we start looking around at everything we see and everything we touch, we come up with a ton of opportunities to do better. I'm very excited about your personal challenge to take a look at the campus and make recommendations ... hopefully the people who can make the changes will be receptive and eager to green the college!


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